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 2023 High Adventure Sea Base- Bahamas

Eagle Court of Honor - Sunday, April 28th

Posted on Apr 14 2024 - 2:12pm

All T5 and T50 parents and scouts, both past and present, are invited to join us for our 2024 Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, April 28 from 2-4pm in the Sanctuary of First United Methodist Church, 1201 Lavaca St. Come help us celebrate our 11 newest Eagle Scouts--five from Troop 5 and six from Troop 50-- for reaching the highest BSA Rank of Eagle. Reception to follow downstairs at FUMC in Wesley Hall.

Canoeing Campout with the Shieh's

Posted on Apr 14 2024 - 1:57pm

Please signup for our next T5 campout, for May 4-5!  This will be a mini-high adventure experience, canoeing 5-6 miles down the lower Colorado River, to primitive camp on a wilderness island of Texas public land.  You will learn how to pack overnight gear for a canoe float, practice paddling, earn conservation service hours, swim and fish, enjoy and learn backpacking MRE meals, and have a bonfire.  Be sure to have an up to date swim test in time for the campout, and there will be one more troop sponsored swim test at Deep Eddy this Saturday.  Also, we need a few parent volunteers to signup to help tow canoes and co-honcho some logistics;  if you can help, please email james@realinternational.com

Announcing the 2024 Swimming Merit Badge

Posted on Apr 11 2024 - 12:17am
DATE: April 20th 9am - 11:30am 
LOCATION: Lake Pointe Swim Center
EVENT DETAILS: This Eagle-required badge is being offered to both Troop 5 and Troop50.
**Before the class: Please print the attached Swimming Merit Badge workbook and complete questions 1a, 1b, and 9 of the Swimming Merit Badge workbook.  Use the attached swimming merit badge pamphlet to answer these questions). You may turn your workbook in when you arrive.  The rest of the requirements are all demonstrations!

The class is a skills assessment.  Every Scout must already know how to swim and come prepared to successfully complete each of the skills and strokes required for the badge. (See attached swimming merit badge pamphlet for more information.)

Troop Announcement

Posted on Apr 10 2024 - 3:18pm

Hello, Troop 5 families. I hope everyone is safe after the storms. We are just over a month away from our spring Court of Honor and entering summer. There are some key announcements for both scouts and parents that I would like to make. I realize it is a lot of information, but it is all important.

April Committee Meeting Notes - April 2, 2024

Posted on Apr 9 2024 - 5:18pm

See attachment

March Committee Meeting Notes - March 5, 2024

Posted on Apr 9 2024 - 5:17pm

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